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Sleek and smooth, features twist handle and slam shut latches.




Unique body styling with upgraded twist handle and slam shut latches. Interior carpet liner included.



750 Sport

The best body styling available to match the sharp body lines of modern trucks. Includes upgraded twist handle and slam shut latches. Also includes interior carpet liner.




Ricochet XRT

With an all aluminum top, this cover offers maximum security and a sleek metal look. 




With a vinyl top and aluminum understructure this cover offers all the security of the XRT, but a soft look.





Versatility is what this cover has to offer. Featuring solid aluminum panels that secure your cargo and keep it dry, while also allowing you to fold them up against the cab to have an open bed when you need it. 



Latitude SC

This soft folding cover has a sleek flat black look and a revolutionary latching mechanism that allows you to open the cover with one hand from either side of the vehicle. 




The same innovative design as the SC, but manufactured from a traditional vinyl material giving a more glossy look, but the same durability.