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Cab-Hi Models

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Snug-Top's basic cab-height shell, features 50/50 side sliders and a framed rear door with their signature flush twist handle and rods that latch each side.




With this shell you get the functionality of 50/50 side sliders and the style of an all glass rear door with Snug-Top's signature flush twist handle and slam shut latches.




One of Snug-Top's premium models, the Xtra-Vision has enlarged 50/50 sliders with the only sliding/removeable screen on the market giving a better view and improved access through the side windows. Also includes upgraded latching mechanism and Pro-Lock handle on all glass rear door.



Super Sport

For the ultimate in style Snug-Top gives this shell the same upgraded rear door as the Xtra-Vision and adds all glass side windows with a tip out rear section for ventilation. 


Specialty Models



Aero Sport

All the features of the Super Sport with added body styling for a sleek sporty look.



GB Sport

The GB Sport does what no other camper shell dare to do, it matches the sharp contoured style of modern truck bodies. All the high end features of the Super Sport, but with a style like no other.




An integrated roof rack comes standard on this camper shell as well as the side and rear options of the Super Sport.



XTR Gen-2

The second generation of the XTR, includes all the same features but with a different style of integrated roof rack. This shell leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to sport.




The only fiberglass shell we offer with a full walk-in rear door. This shell features a 60/40 split rear hatch like the old suburbans giving you maximum access to your truck bed, also features side sliding windows with sliding/removeable screens.

Mid-Height Models




All the basic features of the Cab-Hi, but with approximately 4" of added head room.



Sport Hi-Liner

The Hi-Liner with an all glass rear door.